Zip Wire Constuction- Skywire - Vertigo



Eden Project – Sky Wire


To construct twin giant zip wires over the biomes of the Eden Project.  Problematic project as the cables were not allowed to come within 20 metres of any building (of which there were eight, four of these are made of plastic ‘pillows’!). ’Biomes to the left, biomes to the right’.  The cables and infrastructure had to be installed while the site was open to the public and normal operations continued.


The start and finish infrastructures were built first. We designed a series of retractable rock anchors to restrain the cable around the edge of the quarry.  A guide rope was passed through the start, running through all of the rock anchors through to the end.  The zip cable was attached to the guide rope at the finish and pulled back through to the start.  As the cable was tensioned, the retractable rock anchors were gradually released moving the cable into position.  The second cable was then installed along the first cable.  This was a complicated process which required a lot of cooperation between Vertigo and Eden staff.


The Skywire at The Eden Project is a very successful commercial product.  The volume of riders is ever increasing as the ride becomes established and procedures evolve, 280 people went through the twin zips in one day! (August 2013).

Find out more about the end result here.

Vertigo completely rose to the challenge; the Eden Project now has an exciting and unique addition to its portfolio of attractions – the public love it!

Mike Olivant, Sky Wire Manager.