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Wicksteed Park: #RUSH


Wicksteed Park opened in 1921 and is believed to be the second oldest amusement park in the UK. We were asked to create an adrenaline activity to complement the other attractions in the park to broaden their appeal to a wider demographic. The structure had to be similar to the existing structures on site. The location of the activity was in the centre of the park, which was operational during the project. One very important factor was that the zip wire passed over a main internal road in the park, we had to allow for double decker buses to pass under the zip wires, even when the cables were in use.


We designed a multi-phase project that consisted of an activity tower, zip wires, climbing wall, leap of faith and tree levels of aerial trekking. Phase one concentrated on the activity tower, the triple zip wires, multiple leap of faith and climbing wall.

The tower was the largest we have built to date with a foot print of 6m x 5.5m and a total height of 18 metres, the roof was a multi-pitch, hip roof to complement the existing structures on site.

The 300 metre run of the zip wires was a constant downward slope, in order to create a gravity break for the zip cables we had to construct a zip landing tower. The zip landing tower had a series of decks on different levels that followed the profile of the cable as it approaches the end. In order to get the maximum rider time for the cables, the landing area was relatively short, therefore zipstops were fitted as an assisted breaking system. To allow for a robust system we created a 2:1 rigging system for the zipstop that allows the participant to approach the end at speeds of up to 36mph.

The multiple leap of faith allowed for three people to jump from a 7m balcony at the same time, the system comprised of an auto belay suspended from a cable that caught the participant after they jumped and lowered them to the ground.

The climbing wall was fitted with auto belays and had beginner to intermediate routes fitted. Our grid form T nut construction method allows for the holds to be changed at any time and multiple routes set for all abilities


Vertigo delivered an impressive range of activities that caters for children experiencing outdoor activities for the first to the thrill seeking adrenaline lover. The #Rush attraction at Wicksteed Park has increased the demographic that the venue appeals to and offers fantastic value for excellent experiences.

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