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Kirkley Hall – Zip Wire


Kirkley Hall wanted a zip wire to add to their existing facilities.  Their aim is to develop a venue to compete as a main tourist attraction in the area.  There were numerous locations that were proposed for the zip, Vertigo had to find the best one.


With our knowledge of zip wires we were able to find the correct location to install a commercial zip, without the need for assisted braking.  The zip passed through a wooded river valley onto a gently sloping field.  The trees provided excellent cover against the elements, reducing the effects of the wind, whilst the gently sloping field provided the perfect ground profile for the gravity brake.


We constructed the 120m zip wire in seven days.  The zip consisted of access stairs to the top of the zip exit mound; gated exit platform to allow the instructor to manage participants safely; the zip wire; graded landing area enabling quick participant disconnection.   The zip wire works perfectly with all ages and weight ranges due to its location.  Its estimated that the single wire can accommodate 30 participants an hour.

“Vertigo were great to work with. They worked hard and their knowledge and experience meant our zip wire was installed on time and on budget.”    

Chris Scott, Lecturer, Outdoor Education.  Northumberland College