Aerial Trekking: two phase project.



Danbury Outdoors: Phase 2


Back in 2011 we constructed three parallel high rope elements for Danbury Outdoors. This was phase one of the development, now in 2014 phase two was underway to convert the high rope elements into a two tiered aerial trekking course with activity tower, two zip lines and two climbing walls. We were also asked to build a shelter adjacent to the course.


All the poles were installed including the ones for the tower, aerial trekking and shelter. The site was on a slope so we had to measure the heights of all the poles before we could set the aerial trekking level heights which in turn would dictate the floor heights. Alongside this process we had a separate team prefabricating elements such as floor cassettes, stair cassettes, roof trusses, aerial trekking platforms and element components.

With the heights for the levels set we were able to install the tower steels and timber components one after the other due to the prefabrication. The rest of the tower was then completed including all the balustrade, decking and cladding.

Next we installed the aerial trekking steels, we modified the design of the steel for this project to allow for a Niko Track continuous belay system. We replaced I beams with rectangle hollow sections fitted with 10mm steel plate for the brackets. For 75% of the poles the holes in the brackets had to line up with the holes drilled in 2011 , which could have been a problematic but our high standard of installation meant worked out really well! With all the structural components complete the elements and platforms were fitted along with the 120m double zip wire cables.


Vertigo delivered a robust and practical product that met the design specification. We only used the best materials throughout the design to ensure our products will last, through heavy use, for many years.

“I found the course build to be of a very high standard.”
Steve Jones, Managing Director, Mona Lifting. Independent Inspector.

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