Aerial trekking Indoor course UAE - Vertigo



Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi


We were asked to return to the UAE to complete a very different challenge.  The brief was to create an aerial activity inside a retail outlet for Adventure HQ, one of the region’s leading sports retailers, in their new flagship store in Abu Dhabi.

The course was in close proximity to the Skate Park, boulder wall, retail space and main public access routes which meant that space was tight and the design had to be exciting, robust and attractive.


We designed an indoor aerial trekking course that was suspended from the I beams of the building.  The course consisted of nine elements and ten platforms with a cargo net entrance and a slide finish.  We chose to use the Swiss Saferoller continuous belay system by Kanopeo, this system connects the participant to the system at the start and they then complete the course without unclipping.

A site survey had been completed and drawings created, we prefabricated all the components in the Cotswolds and had them shipped out to the UAE.  When we arrived the clients requested that the course position be adjusted slightly.  This meant that three steel platform frames that had been designed to fit to the concrete I beams would no longer work.  After finding a new fabricator in the Massaffah district we were able to proceed with a new design.

This was a challenging build as we had to adapt our designs and construction techniques and complete the work in tough conditions.


We successfully designed, installed and delivered a quality product at the centre of a leading retailer’s flagship store.  We adapted our designs to complement the location and the activities in close proximity to the course such as a skate board bridge next to the skate park.  We had a tight deadline and completed the course on time and on budget.

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