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Al Ain Air Show – Giant Swing


We were approached by World Sport, an international events organiser, to design, install and run a giant swing at the Al Ain International Air Show. We had 5 days available before the event to install and 48 hours afterwards to dismantle.


As we were a single attraction in the middle of a much larger event we had to work closely with the organisers, other contractors and the UAE military to organise this project. We had some components fabricated in the UK and sent out with the materials for the Dalma Mall project, the rest of the materials had to be sourced and fabricated in the UAE. We found a steel supplier in Dubai to provide the columns for the swing, with finished length of 20 metres they consisted of components that had to be connected on site. We had to obtain special permits for the steel to be transported across the country as the load was over 16m long. Before the construction crew arrived on site we sent a small team to mark out the positions of the foundations and oversee their construction.
Once on site the steel columns had to be welded, for this we had Oshid and his friend, two welders from a King Steel Fabricators in Abu Dhabi, who completed a perfect job in the middle of the desert using string lines and a good eye! The rest of the components flew together and the swing was constructed and operational in three days.

The swing had to be signed off by an independent inspector before it could be used, by coincidence the inspector was from the same random part of the Cotswolds as us, which was a pleasant surprise.


Vertigo successfully designed, built and operated a 20 metre giant swing for an international event. It was a challenging project with multiple hurdles thrown in the way, however the result was fantastic with extremely satisfied participants and event organisers.

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