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To create the ultimate, crowd pleasing adventure complex we have collated all of our products into a definitive package. We have created stunning plans that will amaze participants both physically and visually.

Our design is from years worth of experience, visiting almost every venue in the country and accumulating all the design ideas. All condensed into one design. The main advantages of the these sites are:

  • Range of activities
  • Capacity of the site
  • Its scale (it’s a large and impressive structure)
  • Minimal staff required

This is not the cheapest ropes course; there are smaller and simpler designs. We have designed it deliberately to be the largest with more activities and experiences than any other course. It’s almost the same price to run a small ropes course as a large one. But the large ones are significantly more profitable.

We have streamlined the operating procedures, reduced the staff numbers and reduced the delay in getting onto activities. In this way people can arrive be put in a harness and be on a zip wire, giant swing or aerial trek in 5 minutes.

This increases the capacity so that the price per activity can be lowered. This further fuels demand.

We have taken our knowledge of the industry to streamline the operating procedures, without compromising on safety. Our evolving designs utilise the best features of our products and merges them into one exciting complex.

It can cater for individuals, groups, schools, colleges and corporate groups offering each a different experience.

SG. Complex Wales2


The tower is the hub of the course and most of the activities radiate out from this central point. It allows quick movement from one activity to the next, both for participants and instructors alike. It is the highest Activity Climbing Tower with a roof apex height of 18m.


There are two full size climbing/abseil walls, one inside the tower and one outside. The climbing walls are deliberately simple walls. They are not designed for advanced climbers but for people to have an experience of climbing. They are great fun and have colour coded routes and can include overhangs and crags.

Both the walls have graded routes and a lattice of holes into which climbing holds can be installed making an almost infinite number of potential routes. Each will have four colour coded routes which can either be manually belayed or fitted with auto belays. Auto belays are the preferred method of operation as it frees up the instructor who can then cater for five or six participants at a time.

There are larger more elaborate climbing walls, constructed out of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) which ergonomically are more realistic. Both of the walls have their own unique features, both are strong, robust and great for kids.


There is a climbing wall inside the tower which is perfect for schools groups when the weather’s a little inclement. The wall will be graded, and can be manually belayed or fitted with auto belays. The mezzanine floors of the tower enables family and friends to spur their budding climbers to the top.


The external wall is 15m high, the eaves of the tower extends over the wall so that the participants will be protected from the worst of the elements. It also has two abseil bays.

There is an option to install a disabled access winch on the tower, and whilst all the activities are accessible to the wheel chair user, the abseil wall is particularly well suited to this. We have a number of particular design features developed for a disabled friendly site.


The giant swing is an awesome group activity. Up to five people are loaded onto the swing beam and are hoisted up to the top of the poles. After a tense pause the beam is released, sending the participants flying through the air. The higher you go, the faster and longer you swing!


This stands on its own two poles and is accessed via stairs from the top of the tower. The fan descender is 17.5m to eye level or almost 6 storeys high. The fan itself allows participants to free fall to the ground. Due to a conical rope drum, the closer to the ground they get the slower they move until eventually they gently touch down.

The unique development for this system is the addition of a gallows exit. Once the participant is clipped in place the instructor stands back, presses the electromagnetic release and the floor drops away. This makes it all the more thrilling and significantly increases the volume of participants.

This is not for the faint hearted but it is essential to cater for all abilities, including those with a screw loose.


There are four aerial trekking levels in the complex each with ten elements. Three radiate from the tower with the fourth located on the ground.  The participants are clipped on to a safety track inside the tower and then allowed to traverse a series of consecutive elements at height.

The elements do get progressively more challenging the further around the course you traverse. There is a second track that runs parallel to the first which will allow an instructor to quickly travel out to a participant should they need help.

We make great efforts to make the elements interesting and exciting, using a bicycle on one, a skate board on another to provide an interesting and absorbing activity. We have a large range of aerial trekking elements available and this makes huge difference to the quality of the experience.

A great deal of the power brought to the course is by virtue of its height, the higher, the scarier. The top level courses are 15m to the eye level. This is a full 3 m above the competition and not only is the course higher and longer, the designs are more elaborate with each level protruding over a different part of the site.


This low level course is only 1200mm above the ground and is designed for little children, they still have to wear a harness and are clipped into a safety system but the challenges are designed for smaller people. The beauty of this course is that parents can walk along side the course, safe in the knowledge that the children can’t fall off.

It’s a fantastic system that is incredibly popular.

SG. Complex North

Zip Wires are an absolute must have for any course, from our experience everyone will defiantly want to go on. It won’t be limited to one ride, most participants will get off and demand another go. It’s perfect for any age and the longer it is, the better.

There are lots of different operational methods, whether it’s a sit harness or superman style. All participants are clipped on to the cable from the top floor of the tower and will land with their feet on the ground. It’s a quick, efficient and terrific system and one which you can offer at a reasonable price point to drive business.


Slides aren’t just for park playgrounds; the drop slide will run almost vertical for a short period so that you’re almost in free fall. This is a really exciting activity and with a massive capacity it will be incredibly popular.

GERONIMO- Multi Leap of Faith

This is a new activity from the states and allows up to three participants to jump out from the top floor of the tower simultaneously. The jumpers will be attached to auto belays that will move laterally with them as they descend to the floor. Jumpers will be clipped onto a buckle on their back allowing them to jump from 10 metres to the ground.

Technical Information

Price: £200,000 – £500,000(+)

The information provided below is a guide to the prices you would expect for our products. Different sites may have issues related to access, ground conditions etc.

There are many designs for activity towers. All designs can be adapted to suit different venues. All designs allow for phasing and expansion.

Features of a Hexagonal tower
  • Steel and timber construct. All steel is galvanised and all timber is treated.
  • Tower is 6 storeys high with a main central staircase and five mezzanine floors
  • Access to activities is through a series of cantilevered floors, extending from the tower.
  • Mezzanine floor space can be used as a reception area.
  • Extended eaves to provide cover for external activities
  • Top floor level is 13.5 m, roof apex level 18.5 m.
  • Floors are rated at 1.5kn/m2 class 2 (outdoor) Building Regulations.
  • Minimum walkway and stair width 1200mm
  • Safety signage
  • Lockable access doors
  • Cedar shingle roof
  • Conforms to EN: 15567-1.
  • All designs allow for expansion and phasing.
  • All projects come with risk assessments, standard operating procedures, inspection manual and log book, engineer’s calculations, individual material certificates, health and safety policy.

Additional Extras

  • Fan descender
  • Aerial Trekking levels
  • High rope elements
  • Climbing walls
  • Abseil platform
  • Disabled access winch
  • Zip wire
  • Twin zip wire
  • Indoor climbing wall
  • Lightning protection.
  • Fencing
Inaugural Inspection:

Activity towers require an inaugural inspection, we can arrange for either an ADIPS or ERCA inspection.


All instructors must complete a training course to operate the activity climbing tower. We can arrange training courses provided by a recognised ERCA trainer.

Costs to consider
  • PPE
  • Ground cover/ landscaping
  • Construction team husbandry
  • Travel for two vehicles and/or international travel
  • Inaugural inspection
  • Training
  • Annual inspections
  • Insurance