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Zip Treks, Canopy Walks

Canopy walks are a low impact, sustainable way to enjoy established woodland.  We can construct routes to access another level of interaction with the natural environment and view previously inaccessible vistas.

Access to the canopy is from either a series of ascending runways or an access tower.  The tower can be adapted to house other activities to create a recreational complex, see Activity Tower.

Zip Treks are a faster, more exciting canopy experience. The rope bridges are replaced with zip wires, creating a series of zips through the trees.  The Saferoller belay system enables participants to navigate their way around the trek without ever unclipping from the safety cable.

If there are not enough suitable trees, poles can be added to complete the course.  It is not necessary to have an instructor at each level; a number of instructors could monitor participants from the ground, either following them around the course or from a strategic viewing point.

Price: £100 – £1500 per metre

Points to consider
  •        Have you had an arboricultural report?
  •        Are there enough suitable trees? Minimum of 300mm width at highest point of activities.
  •        Are there Tree Preservation Orders on site?
  •        Is the site a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)?
  •        Do you have a company theme that you would like to see used in the course?
  •        Is there access for plant into the site?