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Aerial Trekking

Thrilling multi level, multi element challenge courses!

In a nut shell they are obstacle courses in the sky, it might look easy on the ground but we’ll see when you get up there.

There are three main types of course:

Pole Based  |  Tree Based  |  Indoor

Aerial Trekking (AT) Courses can be built anywhere.  Traditionally they are built in trees but modern versions can be installed anywhere.  Outdoor courses are built using treated wooden poles, indoor courses can be fixed to the existing structure of the building.  If you want an exciting and versatile public attraction why not see what we can offer?

AT courses are memorable experiences for all ages and abilities.  We’ve also got kids courses a few feet above the ground so mum and dad can cheer the team on.

Not falling off is a big issue for us as we like to keep our clientele.  We only install ‘closed cow’s tails’ systems to make sure no one can fall from our courses.  There are lots of options that range in price and sophistication, the details are in the options above.

Courses will have a number of routes.  The ‘elements’ or ‘obstacles’ develop as you go around the course, they become trickier and more elaborate towards the end of a route.

We have designed our courses to provide an exciting experience for all ages and abilities in large numbers, whilst keeping instructor numbers low.  Aerial Trekking courses are multi level, multi element challenge courses.  Each route is a series of consecutive challenges at height whilst attached to a belay system.

There are a lot of options with AT courses:

  • the courses can be tree based, pole based or both
  • can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • fabricated from steel or timber
  • Numerous belay systems to choose from

Aerial Trekking is increasing in popularity with more sites starting up in the UK and abroad.  Their set up allows the space in and around the activities to house other installations such as team building high ropes, low ropes or infrastructure such as reception areas and viewing platforms.

Every site is different, we will design the best course for you.  Call us now.

You dream it… we build it!