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Activity Towers

The core of any good ropes course

We build strong activity towers that accommodate loads of activities and act as the centre for venues.  Our attractive and simple design compliments any site and can easily be adapted to match existing buildings.  This robust structure allows for expansion and phasing so you can keep on adding to your range of activities.

Activity Towers can house:

There are multiple configurations to choose from. You can install all of the options above, have a dedicated climbing tower or anything in between.  Here is a brief summary of the options, more details are below.


Our multi route climbing walls are great fun for everyone.  We can build simple slabs to arêtes and overhangs, the choice is yours.  There are lots of options to choose from that are outlined below e.g. double towers, auto belays etc. Scan through and tell us your thoughts.


The climbing walls double up as abseil routes.


The fan descender is an exciting and relatively low cost, high volume activity.  The system allows participants to throw themselves off a raised platform and feel the force of freefall before gently reaching the ground. To increase the tension and really taste the fear why not install a gallows exit!  More info below.


This system allows multiple people to experience the leap of faith at the same time.  You can run and jump off the side of a building and land safely on the ground.  Who wouldn’t want to do that?!  More info below.


It is the perfect base to have any number of high rope elements along side the tower.  The addition of high ropes can make a venue educational as well as recreational.


The tower provides a perfect passage to aerial trekking courses.  For more info, see Aerial Trekking.  If you want a zip wire but don’t have a natural location for it, the tower provides the height and the access.  For more info see Zip Wires.


Technical Information

Price: £30,000 – £70,000 (+)

The information provided below is a guide to the prices you would expect for our products.  Different sites may have issues related to access, ground conditions etc.

There are many designs for activity towers.  All designs can be adapted to suit different venues.  All designs allow for phasing and expansion.

Features of a Standard Tower
  •        Steel and timber construct.  All steel is galvanised and all timber is treated.
  •        Tower is 4 ½ stories high with a main central staircase and four mezzanine floors
  •        Access to activities is through a series of cantilevered floors, extending from the tower.
  •        Mezzanine floor space can be used as a reception area.
  •        Extended eaves to provide cover for external activities
  •        Top floor level is 10.5 m, roof apex level 15.5 m.
  •        Exterior footprint 6 x 5 m.  Top floor footprint with three cantilevered sides is c.46m2
  •        Floors are rated at 1.5kn/m2 class 2 (outdoor) Building Regulations.
  •        Minimum walkway and stair width 1200mm
  •        Safety signage
  •        Lockable access doors
  •        Cedar shingle roof
  •        Conforms to EN: 15567-1.
  •        All designs allow for expansion and phasing.
  •        All projects come with risk assessments, standard operating procedures, inspection manual and log book, engineer’s calculations, individual material certificates, health and safety policy.


Additional Extras to the Standard Tower
  • Fan descender
  • Aerial Trekking levels
  • High rope elements
  • Climbing walls
  • Abseil platform
  • Disabled access winch
  • Zip wire
  • Twin zip wire
  •  Indoor climbing wall (Double or Hex Tower only)
  • Lightning protection.
  • Indoor lighting
  • Fencing
  • Standard belay option- Assisted Belay System. All walls are fitted with a Sheer Reduction Bar (SRB) at the top of the wall that allows for top roping.  The belay method is a Gri-Gri attached to a ground anchor controlled by either an instructor or supervised participant.  All ground anchors are tested, rated and certified.
  • Auto Belay – are mechanised belay devices that are fixed to the Sheer Reduction Bar at the top of the wall.  The system replaces the need for ground anchors, belayers on the ground and can reduce instructor numbers.
  • The walls are made of treated timbers that have a grid of T Nuts installed on the reverse.  There are far more T nuts than you’ll need for one route so you can easily change the routes whenever you like.  We can install Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) wall onto our frames if you would like the ‘rock’ effect.
  • All of our structures surpass standards set out in EN: 12572 artificial climbing structures.
  • Lower section of external walls is retractable to stop unauthorised access
  • Standard tower – walls are 6.5m x 11.7m.  This allows for three routes to be in place at any one time.  All routes are interchangeable due to our construction method so you can mix it up as much as you want.
  • Double tower – is the same height and specification as the standard tower but the foot print is doubled.  This actually quadruples the amount of climbing walls as the internal space of the tower can be turned into an indoor climbing facility.
  • Super Massive Hex Tower- The height of the climbing wall is 14.7m adding 3m to the standard height.  The hex tower allows for multiple internal and external walls with internal mezzanine viewing platforms.

The system is a deceleration device that is driven by the participant’s weight and does not require an external power source.  Initially there is a rapid descent; the participant gradually slows down towards the end, ensuring a gentle landing.  Once unclipped from the participant, the rigging returns to the start position.  The fan descender is a thrilling addition for any recreational or developmental site.

A fan descender can be installed:

  • From an Activity Tower
  • From a High ropes course
  • From existing buildings
  • Indoors



Feel the fall with your friends on the Geronimo!    Instead of using a fan descender, participants are attached to an auto belay that is suspended from lateral cables.  The participants jump from a raised platform and descend to the ground.  The system is reset quickly, allowing a high volume of participants.  An Auto belay is a product that automatically controls the rate of descent when weight is added.


All of our products are designed with the idea of ‘access for all’.  Access winches can be added to the activity towers allowing disabled access to the top floor of the tower.  Our top floor is wheelchair friendly allowing participants to use the activities.  By changing the type of harness, a disabled participant can traverse the aerial trekking, ride the giant swing and fly on the zip wire.

Inaugural Inspection

Activity towers require an inaugural inspection, we can arrange for either an ADIPS or ERCA inspection.


All instructors must complete a training course to operate the activity climbing tower. We can arrange training courses provided by a recognised ERCA trainer.

Other costs to consider

    •        PPE
    •        Ground cover/ landscaping
    •        Construction team husbandry
    •        Travel for two vehicles and/or international travel
    •        Inaugural inspection
    •        Training
    •        Annual inspections
    •        Insurance