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We are the longest continually operating ropes course constructor in the country. We have wealth of knowledge on ropes courses and adrenaline activities.  With over 13 years of experience we have worked on all aspects of the industry in lots of locations in the UK and abroad.  There are a lot of questions at the start of a project, we can guide you through these questions to create the product or experience you are looking for.

We provide a free site visit for clients in the UK.  We can assist with the planning process and can provide all the material needed for an application from technical drawing to structural engineer’s calculations.  Full 3D drawings and walk through animations are produced for every proposal.


Whether the course in developmental or recreational we will produce a design that suits your specific needs.  Every project, large or small, is approached with fresh eyes to create an installation tailored to your site.  All of our designs allow for phasing and expansion to develop the product at a later date.  We produce full 3D drawings and walk through animations for every proposal.


The product will be orientated towards engaging with groups of participants on a particular element for a period of time.  The distinction is characterised by high instructor numbers with a low volume of participants.  The classic products for developmental courses are the high rope elements.  Each element has to be completed as a group, the element will need to be solved before it can be completed.  The instructor provides guidance as well as supervising the activity.


This is characterised by low instructor numbers and high volumes of participants.  It can also be referred to as commercial.  The designs focus around safety, efficiency and enjoyment. Safety is the most important aspect of our products, please see Safety. Efficiency is important as revenue can be lost through poor infrastructure leading to lengthy operating procedures. As designers we have to make the products enjoyable in order to satisfy our clients.