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spiritual companioning   |   hearts opening

we are certified as professional spiritual companions via a programme accredited by the college of teachers.  our companioning practice for both group and one-to-one support is available to clients either as a series face-to-face sessions or via Skype.

spiritual companions is an educational charity, network and community that celebrates diversity and welcomes people from all spiritual traditions and none at all.


spiritual companions provide confidential and loving support by simply being a benevolent presence who hears your story.  companioning is not a counselling or therapy process and as such, there is no fixing or giving of advice.

when appropriate, we may have a conversation with you exploring that whatever your circumstances, you are on a life-long journey of spiritual and personal development, developing your heart and consciousness.

we may also help you explore the skills, practices and understandings that will support you in self-managing your spiritual and personal journey with mature autonomy.

we care for people in a spiritual world and we strive to live consciously.  this means we are committed to daily spiritual practice, we care deeply about humanity and the planet and we maintain compassionate and loving relationships.

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