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Capita Group 
Life and Pensions  |  UK
Business Transformation  |  Programme Direction

Assignment:  We were engaged to develop and implement an integrated image and workflow solution and business change programme to deliver case management functionality, headcount reduction, process efficiency and solution run cost benefits across multiple locations in the UK and India.

Budget (CAPEX):  £30m       |       Overall Business Case:  £50m
Engagement:  3 years             |       Role:  Programme Director

“…by far the best Programme Director we have working with us
Shared Solutions Director  |  Capita

Context:  A series of ambitious technology and business change programmes had run out of control with major cost and time overruns.  With over £10m already invested we were engaged to reshape and refocus the programme, recover delivery and re-establish stakeholder confidence by delivering the promised benefits and strategic business outcomes.

Achievements:  Programme control and delivery recovered within six months and stakeholder confidence re-established.  Delivery teams were consolidated and capability significantly upgraded.  Key activities and achievements included:

  • Re-development and re-presentation of the strategic and financial business case to the Group Board and Senior Stakeholders for further investment approval; successfully secured £30m of additional funding.
  • Established a business and application strategy with supporting roadmap and blueprint documentation to contextualise the programme and a series of other business change interventions across the business.
  • Full application and supporting infrastructure re-design, development and delivery to establish a single solution across multiple accounts delivering a 60% reduction in running costs and over £25m in headcount related benefits.
  • Established the necessary governance and full life cycle delivery management disciplines to regain control of the programme. Leadership and oversight of 20 concurrent and integrated projects through the newly established delivery team comprising 100+ contract, consulting and Capita staff and 7 suppliers.
  • Made the shift from waterfall to agile solution development significantly reducing lead times to production and delivery confidence.  50 individual projects delivered within the programme over the duration of the assignment.


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