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Birmingham City Council 
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Business Transformation  |  SAP  |  Programme Direction

Assignment:  We were engaged to recover delivery of four key work streams of the Corporate Services Transformation, the first in a series of major programmes comprising Birmingham’s ‘Inspiring Future’ agenda designed to deliver one billion pounds in benefits.

Budget (CAPEX):  £45m         |       Overall Business Case:  £400m
Engagement:  18 months       |       Role:  Programme Director

“…a refreshing and welcome change to experience strategic and senior level consulting support that rolls up its sleeves and actually delivers.
Director of Corporate Finance & Programme Sponsor  |  BCC

Context:  Europe’s largest local authority was embarking on a series major front and back office transformation programmes to fundamentally change the cost base, break up rigid functional structures and significantly improve the quality and delivery of its services.

With SAP selected as the strategic technology platform, the first programme in the series focused internally on the transformation of finance, procurement, business planning and business performance management.  We were engaged to recover and lead four key work streams that had not been properly initiated and were not delivering.  Specifically:

  • Business Planning & Strategy Deployment: Overtly linking council strategy to service planning and the delivery of service outcomes.  Also transforming financial planning processes for the annual balanced budget (£3bn +) based on strategic priorities.
  • Performance Management:  Integration of service and financial performance management and reporting.  Consolidating operational and financial information for all services, directorates and portfolios across the council.
  • Business Information: Providing managers at all levels with ‘one version of the truth’ – the ability to see both operational and financial performance information in one place including how operational delivery is linked specifically to the council’s strategic outcomes.
  • Projects and Programmes: Delivering better value from significant capital investments with fully integrated project accounting and project performance management processes.  Also a common set of programme and project management tools.

Achievements:  Two of four work streams fully recovered and delivered to time, budget and quality within six months.  Remaining work streams delivered within a year.

  • Subsequent leadership and successful delivery of the operational stabilisation, benefits realisation and transition to support phases.  Specifically, leadership and top level engagement on process compliance and user adoption activities to embed the behavioural changes necessary to deliver business benefits.
  • Benefits case delivered and signed off by the Cabinet Procurement Committee, Oversight and Scrutiny Committee and other relevant governance Boards to achieve programme commercial closure.
  • Cabinet Member, Programme Sponsor and Council Executive confidence recovered on the back of work stream recovery and cashable benefits delivery.

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